Final Xbox 360 documentary. Took out the music because it was distracting.

Finished edited version of Xbox 360 case modding documentary.

edited and added sound

Xbox modding culture portion of project. Kinda cheesy but it was the only way to keep me from acting like a robot.

re-redone dismantle portion of project. did not like the movement of the camera in the first part so changed the clips.

remade the dismantle portion of the documentary. alot more cohesive shot wise but need to add sound on top.

First experience making a video using iMovie. Things I have learned is need to make several takes of the same thing to get the best shot and a tripod would make things look more professional.

Tools and collected items

Tools and collected items

Xbox modding culture

Owning a gaming system is becoming more like owning an expensive car. If you want all the best and fancy things you’re going to have to pay for it, and you do. If something breaks down or goes wrong, the corporations of the product, they expect you to send it in, wait, and pay the big bill for all their “hard” work. No longer is it ok in their mind for you to attempt to fix it inexpensively yourself because this is a form of “piracy” to their product. Unfortunately with all corporate companies it’s all about the money and they can never get enough of it. These companies have become so paranoid about the piracy of their systems that they have gone to great lengths to combat it. Any system repair by its owner is refused service; modded systems are banned from online use due to the countless updates posted mainly to combat modded firmware. Microsoft and Sony gaming systems show early signs of a future which the games and apps you buy are not yours to own, but instead are just virtual rights to use. That is if you follow all their rules and regulations, connected to the internet, have the unique ID for the product, AND have a brand new copy. No more used and borrowed games/media and no sharing with friends. The key point of all this is how do we the people stick it to the fat cat companies? By pirating of course! Their firmware and software can be modded to still be used online but once Microsoft or Sony updates their systems to recognize changes, we the pirates have to upgrade in order to stay under the radar. Why keep a console standard and mundane when you can modify it to make it unique and your own?